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Coyote Installs Democracy

Lewis Hyde

President George W. Bush ordered his troops not to defecate until the end of the War. Coyote ignored this order. Coyote took a big dump in the Abu Ghraib prison. Coyote deprived his turds of sleep and interrogated them to find the true source of terror. Coyote’s turds turned into digital images and circled the globe. President George W. Bush said “Those are not the real American turds. The real American turds are the friends of freedom.” Behind the white doors of the White House the President lay on his bed dreaming the dream of Preemptive Good. This irritated Coyote, who smeared the President’s sheets with dog shit. President George W. Bush ran from the White House, crying “I have soiled myself! I have soiled myself!” The Secret Service felt ashamed and went to share their tobacco with other government agencies. Coyote sneaked into the basement of the White House where he found the swimming pool that held the Waters of Democracy, hidden there since the days when Andrew Jackson made it so difficult for Seminole Indians to vote in the state of Florida. Coyote drank long and deep from the Waters of Democracy. When Coyote’s bladder was full he went on his way, marking the trail.

-- May 2004, Sapporo, Japan