Common As Air

Comments & Reviews

"An eloquent and erudite plea for protecting our cultural patrimony from appropriation by commercial interests."
—Robert Darnton, The New York Times Book Review.

"A stunning book.... Essential reading, no matter where you stand in the ongoing debate about the ownership of art and ideas."
—Anna Deavere Smith.

"Brilliant and absorbing.... [Hyde's] argumentation is dazzling, dense with lucid ideas, erudition, wry humor."
—Mark Kramer, Star Tribune (Minneapolis).

"An infectiously enthusiastic writer."
—Michael Schaub, NPR.

"Hyde is an essayist in the Thoreau tradition. In his simple, plainspoken wisdom, he is a great American, which is to say he is an excellent democrat. His mere existence is a living demonstration of the civic republican tradition in American life...."
—Jim Cullen, History News Network.

"'Necessary' is the best and only real adjective to describe Lewis Hyde's latest work."
—Chris Michel, The Brooklyn Rail.